Five Rites Tip –  When you choose matras such as “I demand peace.” “I demand health.” “I demand propriety” close your eyes and send love to the people that embody those qualities for you. You can even pray “Mother Theresa, I demand peace.”

What is your focused headline for peace...?

What is your focused headline for peace...?

Early on in Obama’s presidential campaign I recognized the president’s ability to “script his success” (something my clients know all so well). He knew the power of his own media, broadcasting his vision, goals, commitment despite what “reality” seemingly dictated. Obama was able to focus his message on what was working and successful in his own life and inspire hope and powerful intentions around the world. That’s why it was no surprise he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

If leaders worried about the evidence critics had against them would they be champions of their goals and dreams? The gift in Obama’s Award is not a job well done or completed. The gift of Obama’s Peace Prize is a gift of modeling for others to set specific measurable positive intentions and take action to experience your commited goals everyday even if the final goal is nowhere in sight. He does this by getting clear about what he wants and making bold statements and taking daily action toward the final result or desired outcome.

I invite you right now to “script your success headline” and post it below. The simpler the better. My husband Jason is great at this. That’s the way he’s able for us to go on great travel adventures, grow our IT company, Immersion Technology Inc to six figures in two years, work for companies like NASA, have empowering conversations with clients over the phone, fill our life with romantic surprises…

Here’s my success headline”
“Goal Setting and Achievement Trainer Scripts Her Success and
Wins Academy Award for Best Spiritual Comedy of the Year!”

Go ahead, script your success below. Write it as if it already happened and you are reading it in the news. If you don’t do this five minute exercise you have no reason to complain that things aren’t going your way because you haven’t clearly stated what your way is. So make a commitment to your success now and declare it in a focused “Success Headline.” Does writing one sentence really work?

My coaching clients in one week of doing this exercise found themselves with:
-the exact amount of money they scripted
-a romantic relationship with desired qualities that matched their intended partner list
-a dream come true job
-a blue JAG for less than their current lease
-an office space at the right price with all the desired amenities
… in many cases within the week of writing their Success News Headline.

In my case
-I met my husband that matched my 30/30 wish list
-became a published author and produced playwright on the same day
-traveled to Indonesia for 20 days free
-helped Twilight Wish Foundation publish books for seniors
-received an unexpected $20,000 after doing a a five minute Napoleon Hill exercise
-worked with wonderful professional clients that needed help crafting and living their focused message/goal…

Go ahead it’s your turn. Post your success headline below!

Ruth Anne Wood is the director of Scripting for Success TM
a goal setting and achievement leadership training/ production company who trains on success mindset as well as has the production tools to help with team building, success tracking, media production, books, movies, podcasts, documentaries, scripts, sales letters, business plans, all designed to support and launch your focused message for specific measurable results. Contact Ruth today and request help with your “success headline” and learn more about our next Entrepreneur Coaching Group Series. 215-872-5035